Game of Thrones Themed Christmas Tree

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and Game of Thrones one of my favourite shows, so this year I combined the two with a pompous Game of Thrones styled Christmas Tree!

Most of the decorations you see I made myself, with a lot of help from my significant other, who cut out all the house sigils. Which actually was the most time consuming operation and very unfriendly to his fingers.  If you are interested in making some of the decorations yourself, here is the link to my tutorial 🙂

I also added some bought ready made decorations like extra christmas balls and these cute little red ornament hangers. They reminded me a lot of the ruby Melisandre wears and also there are some heart shaped ones that look like a yummy heart of a horse 🙂 The led lights I also found ready made and just had to buy them because they match the GOT style perfectly.

Last but not least is the seven pointed star of the Faith of the Seven. I just finished this tree topper yesterday evening so here is the very easy and quick tutorial on how to make it yourself:


What you need:

  • Golden florist wire
  • wire ring for wreaths (mine has a diameter of 18 cm)
  • a printed out template for the seven pointed star in the size of the wire ring:


Start by printing out the template to use it as a reference underneath the wire ring. Place the wire ring on top and choose any point to start from. Wind the florist wire around the wire ring two or three times and secure tightly. Now trace the lines of the seven pointed star and wrap the wire around the ring accordingly. I made seven rounds and thought that was conveniently sufficient for my Faith of the Seven star 🙂


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and just be excellent to each other!

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