Game of Thrones Inspired Festive Decorations

I know I am a bit late now. I was sick, not with dragon scale but with a bad flu. So this is more like a last minute tutorial…

Maybe you remember we had a Stranger Things inspired Christmas tree last year and for this year I wanted to have a Game of Thrones style Christmas tree. Funny thing is you can actually buy GOT ornaments as merchandising. But where is the fun in that? So here are some ideas to make your own ornaments and festive decorations inspired by your favourite show 🙂

1. Dragon Egg Ornaments

What you need:

  • A Christmas song playlist
  • Christmas tree balls, preferably in red, yellow/gold and green
  • Glitter Glue in matching colours or if you like it messy glue and glitter separately (but I won’t recommend that)
  • egg cups to let them dry

These are maybe the easiest ornaments to make. All you have to do is paint the dragon scales onto the tree balls with the glitter glue, as shown in the pictures. Don’t paint the scales to the bottom. When you have finished about 2/3 let the ornaments dry resting them on an egg cup. Wait at least and hour and then finish the rest.

2. Godswood Leaf Garland

What you need:

  • Silver Ribbon or cord
  • Dried cotton pods
  • Red Spray paint, if you can’t find red-coloured pods
  • Hot Glue

Again a quick safety note! If you are especially clumsy or not only a child in your mind, please get a responsible adult to help you with the hot glue. It’s not as hot as dragon fire but still it burns.

It is a bit fiddlier than the tree balls, but still not that difficult. Just glue the ribbon or cord onto the backside of the pods. And then add another pod on top so that both sides will look nice. You will may be have the same problem I had. Some of the pods are crushed into single leaves in the bag they come with. So in the end yo will have to glue together single leaves, which is a little tricky and prone to burn your fingers when pressing them together.

Anyway it looks really nice and I think resembles the red leaves of a godswood very much.

3. Raven Feather Ornaments


What you need:

  • Black feathers
  • thin golden or brass wire

It took me a while to figure out the right technique but after some trial and error this seems to be the best way to do it:

Wind the end of the wire tightly 2 or 3 times around the quill. It helps to secure it in position by squeezing the spirals between your fingers. Then form a loop of 7-10 centimetres, depending on how long you want the hanger to be and twist the loop like shown in picture 3. As you see in the pictured I have fixed the wire between my knees to have a little strain on the wire. This will prevent the wire to literally just jump of the spool while you are working with it and it will enable you to neatly wind the wire around the quill. When you have reached the wanted length of the spiral cut off the rest of the wire and twist the end around the hanger loop.

4. House Sigil Ornaments

What you need:

  • Self-adhesive glitter paper in house colours (e.g. gold, red, silver and black)
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • Scissors
  • printer and paper

First of all find the sigils of the houses you want to have on your christmas tree. Please note that you have to flip the sigils so that they will face in the right direction afterwards. Print them on normal paper. Then glue them onto cardboard and affix the self-adhesive glitter paper on the other side. Now you just have to cut the sigils out along the outline of the print.

This is it for today. Click here to see the finished Christmas tree and get a bonus tutorial on how to make a Faith of the Seven tree topper 🙂


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