Geek on Tour: London Film and Comic Con 2017

First of all I have to start this blog post with a confession. I am a 34 year old nerd and I have never been to a convention. I know, I know… shocking news! In my defence I have to say, I live in Germany and we actually don’t have any good conventions. There is the annual Fedcon, which used to have some decent Star Trek and other Sci Fi guests in the 90s and a Star Wars convention mainly featuring “stars” like that guy, who shook Luke Skywalker’s hand briefly in minute 56 of I-don’t-know-which original trilogy Star Wars film. But since 2015 there is a German Comic Con, which is about to attract better and better stars every year. Anyway, my first convention ever was this year’s London Film and Comic Con!

As I already told you in the Doctor Who Experience Post, we spent our summer holidays in rainy London and were very pleased to discover the LFCC 2017 was taking place on the weekend we will be there. So we quickly booked tickets for Saturday and also our first photo opportunities with some of our childhood heroes. Benedict Cumberbatch and Pamela Anderson were actually a tad to expensive, but having a picture taken for 46 £ with Christopher Lloyd in a DeLorean sounded too good to be true. We also booked a very worth the money shooting with Dave Prowse for 15 £. Patrick also went for a picture with Peter Mayhew for the same price.

Great Scott! We were so excited when we saw Christopher Lloyd in person shortly after we arrived at the Olympia. Our shooting with him was scheduled for the afternoon, but just seeing him sitting in a fucking DeLorean was the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen.
Ok, ok I’m sure for you experienced nerds and geeks out there this is nothing, you’re doing it all the time, but for me: Whoa. This was heavy…

Walking around the venue also was a big surprise too me. I mean I was aware many famous people would be sitting at tables and giving autographs but I never thought I could catch a glimpse of them without even paying for standing in the line. We could easily walk by the tables and saw so many actors and stars sitting just a few meters away from us, it was mind blowing.

Here is a short list of all the people I saw:

  • Ian McDiarmid, Peter Mayhew, Dave Prowse, Alistair Petrie (Star Wars)
  • Sylvester McCoy, Matt Lucas, Bernard Cribbins (Doctor Who)
  • Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman)
  • Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville)
  • Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver)
  • Benedict Wong and Mads Mikkelsen (Dr. Strange)
  • Natalie Dormer, Conleth Hill, Pilou Asbek, Kristian Nairn, Julian Glover, Gemma Whelan, Daniel Portman (Game of Thrones)
  • Wil Wheaton (Star Trek)
  • John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings)
  • Mark Sheppard (Firefly)
  • John Carroll Lynch, Alicia Witt (Walking Dead)
  • Michael Madsen (Kill Bill)
  • Veronica Cartwright (Alien)
  • Chris Judge (Stargate)
  • Jessica Henwick, Wai Ching Ho (Iron Fist)
  • James Dodd (Hellboy)
  • Deep Roy (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)
  • Sean Biggerstaff, Danielle Tabor (Harry Potter)

Apart from that our first photo opportunity was with Dave Prowse, who you all know as Darth Vader from the original trilogy. For me he is the actual Darth Vader, although he was voiced by James Earl Jones and later on the unmasked Vader was portrayed by Sebastian Shaw. (Woah… that was a lot of Star Wars knowledge for an actual Trekkie…)

You know what they say about never meeting your heroes… I was very pleased Lord Vader was my first hero to meet. I am and always will be a Sith at heart and Dave Prowse was the nicest man to meet. He was so kind and eager to take pictures with the fans waiting for him. When it was my turn I was super excited but he was so very sweet, telling me he wanted to hold my hand for the picture and didn’t even want to let me go. I was totally under his charm.


After that Patrick had his photo opportunity with Peter Mayhew which I used to stroll around the venue by myself. Luckily I caught some glimpses of Wil Wheaton and Mads Mikkelsen. And when we were having lunch the emperor himself walked past us.

In the evening we had our photo opportunity with Christopher Lloyd, which was a dream come true for me. We had to wait pretty long, but it was really worth the waiting. It actually went so fast, I can’t really recall what exactly happened. It was like a travel through time and space. One second I was nervously waiting in the queue, the next I was kneeling beside the DeLorean shaking hands with Doc Brown and the next I was grinning like a fool staring at my picture with Christopher Lloyd.



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