Make Your Own Funko POP! MiniMe :)


Lately you can create a Funko POP! version of yourself. But there’s a catch… You can only do this virtually.

But thank God Funko sells DIY female and male POP!s you can customise as you like. My significant other owns a massive collection of Star Wars Funko POP!s, so I thought it’ll be great to present him with “MiniMe” versions of ourselves for our fourth anniversary 🙂

Fun Fact: Our anniversary date is May 25th. So our 4th anniversary is on the exact same day as the 40th anniversary of the first screening in cinemas of the first Star Wars movie. Fascinating! 😀

What you need:

  • DIY – Funko POP!(s)
  • Air drying modelling clay or a modeling compound like Apoxie Sculpt
    I bought both but was too much a wimp to try the Apoxie Sculpt…
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Some utensils helping you sculpting
    I used shashlik skewers and a knife at first till my sculpting kit arrived just before I started working on the second POP! 🙂
  • A small bowl of water
  • Paper towel
  • Easy to clean surface
  • sandpaper
  • A cool playlist running

Before you start think about the distinctive features of the person you want to portray. How’s her hairstyle? Does he wear glasses? Does she have a pair of favourite shoes? Does he wear cool shirts? Picking out theses typical features will turn your POP! into a real look-alike.

The custom POP!s are already pre-primed and don’t need any preparation before the sculpting. I figured out the best tactic is to work from feet to head. This gives you the possibility to get used to the sculpting process while you can still hold the figurine safely in your hand. As soon as you reach the big head you will see it’s not so easy to hold the POP! without touching already sculpted areas.

So we start with the shoes 🙂 Take a small portion of the modelling clay and knead it thoroughly in your hands, to make it smooth and get rid of air bubbles. Try to preform the clay in your hands and apply it to the figurine. Use a little bit of water on your fingertips or a tool to smooth the clay and join it with the surface. Be careful not to use too much water, as the clay will slip on a too wet surface. You can use your tools to carve details into the clay after applying:

Proceed in the same manner with the clothing and the details of head and face:

When you’re finished the clay needs to dry. This usually takes 24 hours, but depends on how thick you applied the clay onto the figurine.

When your POP!s are all dry you can use sandpaper too smooth the surface a little more or get rid of surplus remains of clay. Or as in my case, skip that step, because you don’t have any sandpaper and it’s sunday and all the shops are closed…

Eventually you will have to cover some cracks that have occurred while drying. I used some putty to fill the gaps:


Now it’s time for the paint job 🙂 First apply base base colours and then work out the details with a second coat of paint in matching colours:

I also made one more addition to the male POP!. I photographed one of my boyfriend’s favourite T shirts, printed the motive and glued it onto the MiniMe’s shirt.

Optionally you can clear coat your POP!s after the paint is dry.

Et voilá!

Additional tips:

  • Keep the rest of the clay moist by keeping the bag closed.
  • If the clay you’re working with gets to dry knead it with just a few drops of water in your hands
  • Use an edding pen as a rolling pin
  • If you need inspiration for clothing or hairstyles browse the Funko POP! site and look at the individual POP styles as an example to work after





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