Save The Galaxy With KeepCups

As a major nerd I constantly get in conflict with my approach to treat mother earth with respect and shouting: “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY F****** MONEY!!!”. There is a whole lot of very cool merchandise out there waiting to satisfy my geeky heart but unfortunately in most cases I suspect a rather questionable production process concerning working conditions, wages, sustainability and environment friendliness.

So some weeks ago I was looking for a cool reusable cup I could carry with me every day, as I absolutely loath the bad habit of buying take away cups. Not only are they absolutely unnecessary, they also produce a gigantic pile of rubbish, because – SURPRISE SURPRISE – they are not recycable. Most of the cups we buy carelessly on our way to work every morning consist of a compund made from cardboard and polyethylene to make them waterproof, which can not be recycled. And as you all know throw away cups cause a great disturbance in the force.

Surprisingly I found the cup I was looking for at KeepCup and was so thrilled to find out they have a Star Wars edition of their cups, I ordered three of them right away. You know it’s not so easy to be cool and saving the world at the same time, but this is one of the rare occasions you can be both.

The cups are made of non toxic polypropylene and are BPA and BPS free. The removable lid has a splash-proof closure, which makes the cups save to carry. I also turned my cups upside down and it didn’t leak at all. Anyway I would not recommend to carry the filled cups in your bag, as they are not hermetically sealed. Also they have a non-slip band made of silicone for save handling of hot beverages. The heat storage ability of the cups is ok. Think of it as a reusable throw away cup and not a thermos cup. Lately Keep Cup also added three more designs made of tempered glass, which I think will store the heat a bit better than the ones made of polypropylene.

Of course Keep Cups are fully recyclable after their end of life and probably will come back as a force ghost 🙂 I think they are an absolute eye catcher and the perfect way to be one with the force in the morning.

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