The Best Of John Williams – Concert Review

Yesterday I realised John Williams has provided the soundtrack for my life. We were lucky to get tickets for the Best Of John Williams Tour in Germany and saw the show in Oberhausen.

Although the 84 year old John Williams was not present to conduct the superb Bolchoi orchestra himself, it was an epic experience.

I grew up with movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and E.T. and of course this also means I grew up with Williams’ compositions. Thus an evening filled with his music is not only a dream come true for the movie nerd I am but also for my inner child.

The German film journalist Knut Elstermann lead through the evening with wit and charm, proving his vast knowledge of the featured movies and also the individual compositions.

The Bolchoi orchestra was conducted by the very charismatic Claudio Vandelli who avowed himself as a Star Wars and E. T. fan. It was a pleasure to see his passionate personal involvement and examination of Williams’ works.

The evening of course started in a most epic fashion with the Star Wars main theme. Followed by another childhood memory with Hook’s Flight To Neverland.

But not only John Williams’ most iconic works were presented. The main theme of Schindler’s list and the mastery of the violonist even moved me to tears.

Apart from three Star Wars features in total, we enjoyed the music from Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Superman, E.T., Memoirs of a Geisha, Jaws and my most beloved theme, the theme of Jurassic Park.

The audience was then incorporated into the Encore. Claudio Vandelli turned around to face the audience and animated us all to march and conducted to clap our hands to the Imperial March.
The music was accompanied by animated images and original scenes from the films on a huge screen. Here are some impressions I took with my mobile phone: (Very sorry for the bad quality. I was determined to enjoy the evening and not focussed on taking pictures)

It was a great experience and I am already looking for Hans Zimmer tickets for his tour in summer.

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