IKEA Hack: Comic Themed Shelf With Wheels


Don’t we all have at least one IKEA Expedit shelf? We do, too. But we wanted something different; something cool, something not everyone has. I actually should not share this tutorial with you then. But as I am a nice and giving person (hehehe) here you are 🙂

The shelf is actually pretty easy to make but will be a very neat eye catcher for your geeky home. Also it’s perfect to store your favourite comic books and nerdy literature.

What you will need:

  • an old shelf you want to give a make over
  • four or even six furniture wheels
  • a pile of old comic books
  • spray-on-glue
  • scissor or box cutter
  • clear paint and a small paint roller
  • a few metres of angle moulding
  • putty and glue
  • acrylic glass plate the size of your shelf
  • eight corner brackets
  • nails and srews

So we started with this rather plain black 2×4 Expedit shelf.  Of course you can do the same make over with any kind of shelf or rack you have.

We bought six wheels for it.. Yes, six – not four. Remember: “Something not everyone has”. Well, ok actually we were anxious four wheels weren’t sufficient to carry the wait of Patrick’s collection of making-of-books. The wheels are screwed underneath the shelf in all four corners and as well two in the middle to stabilise the whole thing.


Now cut out the individual sites or panels from the comic books and arrange them on top of your shelf. When you have found the right placement for every sheet start to apply them to the shelf with spray-on-glue. Carefully fold the sheets around the corners and glue on.


To fix the comic sheets onto the shelf properly apply clear paint with a small paint roller very thoroughly. You will achieve a smoother surface by applying multiple layers of clear coat. The individual layers need to be absolutely dry before applying the next layer.

To make the shelf a bit more durable we decided to put corner brackets onto each corner of the shelf. These will save them from abrasion and also look pretty cool. For the same reason we put an acrylic glass plate on top. Not only does this reduce abrasion it also makes the shelf easier to clean.

Last but not least we glued on angle mouldings around the front opening of the shelf, which also adds to the durability and also makes the shelf look less IKEAesque.


Additional thought:

If you are not so much into comic books and want to give your shelf an elegant and sophisticated look, use sheets of music or book sites instead.



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