Stranger Things Inspired Christmas Tree

I am very sorry for not posting anything in the last weeks. Unfortunately we had a very sad loss in the family and life got very turbulent.

Just in time for Christmas I am back now with a new post to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to present to you our amazing Stranger Things inspired Christmas tree.

I loooooooove Christmas and especially my super kitschy, white Christmas tree. This year I decided to have a special geeky decoration. The Netflix original series Stranger Things inspired me to decorate our tree with typical items from the show. To be exact the chain of light and the letters Joyce uses to communicate with her son Will in the UpsideDown.

What I used:

  • Small wooden letters, which I painted black with acrylic paint
  • a multicoloured chain of light
  • Christmas tree ball ornaments in colours I thought suit Joyce’s living room and house
  • Waffles my boyfriend found in the grocery store which reminded him of Eleven’s Eggos
  • Thin craft wire for making hangers for the waffles and ornaments

I also thought about adding multi-sided play cubes like the boys use for playing Dungeons and Dragons but did not manage to buy them in time.

Here is the finished result with some details. Please let me know what you think of it and I would love to see your geeky Christmas decorations!

A very warm merry Christmas to all of you and be excellent to each other!

PS: Stay alert for upcoming stories about our short nerdy trip to London where we met Gandalf and Captain Picard and a cool tutorial on building a comicbook covered shelf 🙂

Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

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