We’ve built a T.A.R.D.I.S.

Ever since I watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who series I wanted to have my own TARDIS in the backyard. I did a bit of research on that and believe it or not there are various TARDIS construction communities and websites out there. Apparently I’m not even the first german woman who wasn’t complete with her own TARDIS. Check out this amazing video of Silly Sparrowness building her own TARDIS all alone:

But as my fingers are all thumbs I had to wait for my special companion Patrick to built me one. That would be him:


We have a huge collection of Blu Rays and DVDs and so decided it would be nice to have a TARDIS-shaped drawer to store them in. The basis of our TARDIS is a simple wooden IVAR shelf, you can buy at your favourite swedish furniture store. Our IVAR measures: 89 cm x 30 cm x 226 cm and has 10 shelves. It stores over 500 Blu Rays.

As our shelf comes with a fixed measurement we adapted the construction plan of our TARDIS around these measurements. So it is not an accurate replica of the original but has of course most of the distinctive features. According to Patrick’s sketches and construction plan we went to the first of numerous shopping trips to our local hardware store:


We quickly made friends with the guy who cuts the wood in the hardware store after he inquired about the girl on Patrick’s Tshirt. It was Kaylee from Firefly, another of our favourite TV Shows. That man was super patient cutting out every piece we needed which roughly took over half an hour and saved us even more time and possibly some lost fingertips. We also bought a huge package of screws.

Back at home Patrick began assembling the outer frame, the base, the sidepanels and the doors. Needless to say I was of no big help achieving this.

The acrylic glass for the windows and the top sign we ordered online in the exact sizes we needed according to our plans. I was then looking for templates for the sign on the left door and of course the ‘Police Box’ sign on the top. Unfortunately I was not able to find templates to my liking and so decided to design them by myself. The sign of the door I had printed online onto aluminium, which gives it a nice realistic look. For the sign on the top I made a vector graphic I had plotted on black foil and we could easily apply on the white acrylic glass so that the letters are white and light shines through. With ‘easily’ I mean we screwed up the first attempt to apply the foil onto the glass and were lucky we had two foils delivered by accident.

If you are interested in the files for the signs just send me a message via the contact form and I will send you a download link because the files are too big to share them here on wordpress.

The next thing we did was of course painting all the parts blue :). We did that on a very sunny and dry day outside. And had the paint dry completly over night in our cellar. Now came the funpart of assembling all the individual parts. The frame and the sidepanels are screwed to the shelf making our TARDIS a supper massive monster, we will never be able to move outside of the house without demounting it.

For the top Patrick made a special contstruction. The top sign also works as a lid revealing the first row of Blu Rays on the top shelf. Also we added LED lights behind the top sign so that the letters are backlit.

The sign on the left door is just glued on, aswell as the handles and the keyhole. I know they are not like the ones used in the show, but we just liked these better.

Here is the almost final result:

We still have some things we want to adjust. Such as a ‘St. John’s Ambulance’ sticker and some minor details. I will keep you updated  🙂

What do you think about our TARDIS? Did you build your own TARDIS? Let me know in the comments 😊

Superfluos knowledge for party conversations:

  • T.A.R.D.I.S. is an acronym and it stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It was first mentioned by The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan
  • Although the TARDIS can change its appearance due to its broken chameleon circuit it is “stuck” in the shape of a blue, british police box
  • Of course you know that it is bigger on the inside
  • An asteroid discovered by American astronomer Brian Skiff in 1984 was named 3325 TARDIS
  • The control console of the TARDIS has six sides because it was originally meant to be operated by six people. But usually The Doctor is the only one operating it and he always forgets to release the brakes and that is why the TARDIS makes these funny noises

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  1. SammyandSufi says:

    Ok… this is ridiculously cool, I mean, wow? I just didn’t know what I was looking at first. One of the cooler DIY’s I must say.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nadja Mayer says:

      Thank you very much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SammyandSufi says:

        Kudos for the effort!

        Liked by 1 person

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